Back in the saddle again

Road less traveled167-201305

Like many new writers, I have had those “what if” conversations going through my head. As a friend recently reminded me, “everything starts with a first step.”  So, as I get back in the saddle with both writing and photography, I hope you bear with me as I share those moments. With camera in hand, my eyes are seeing beyond the day-to-day, and seeing the brilliance of those moments in life that speak to the soul.  With renewed enthusiasm, I realize that we all have a voice, and we all see and feel the world differently; that’s why I want to share my moments.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Big Bear Lake. It was one of those trips that I was “forced” to endure.  With the finishing of my home remodel, I had to leave the house while the floors were being sanded and stained. It required a little research to find a hotel or cabin that took pets, and learn what I needed to drive in the snow.  Yep, my first time driving in snow!  Even with a front-wheel drive Jeep, I needed chains. Thank goodness for the guys who set up shop to install chains. The $40 they charged was a happy investment. I would never have known to tighten them up, or even how to tighten them to fit the tires. With snow falling, Buddy and I took the slow trek up the mountain and reached our destination just after the lunch rush. Since we had a couple hours before we could check-in, I some time to have some biscuits and gravy at the Grizzly Bear Manor restaurant. When I was finally able to check-in, the snow was falling harder. By the time I finished unpacking the car, it was white-out conditions.


It was a great time to sit back, light the fire in the fire place and relax with my dog watching the snow fall.  It didn’t last long. By the following day, the sun was out and snow melting.  After finding a nearby Starbucks for a caffeine fix, Buddy and I headed out for a drive around the lake.

IMG_0625 (1)

I can see the attraction to the mountains. The air is clean and crisp. Mountains touch the sky and sandwiched by a beautiful lake a clear blue water.  The next time I go, I’m taking my bike. But, will need a cart for Buddy, I don’t think he will want to trot alongside. He has his own pace; nice and slow so he can take in the scenery.

For now, Buddy will enjoy his walks and checking out all the new sniffs along the way.


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