Social Media: Can you sustain the magic?

So often with my clients they find it hard to maintain a constant push of content to their social media. Its hard to sustain the magic when you are busy making money, filling the pipeline, spending time with family, or enjoying the weekend. I must confess, I have gotten into the Facebook slump. You know … Continue reading Social Media: Can you sustain the magic?

How to Create Photos that Tell Stories

Interesting perspective on Street Photography.

Mataro Photographs

Let me start with a quote from a manga series “Boys Be” which was created and written by Masahiro Itabashi. Spoken by the main character in the series Kyoichi Kanzaki, the visual artist eloquently said: “There are many books in the library. Each book has a wonderful story that will never happen in reality. But when you fall in love, reality becomes a story far more beautiful than any book can tell.”

Drawing from it, I could also say that there are lots of scenes we see, shoot and create as a street photograph in the great wide open spaces, each shot we make, each frame we post could is just another image, but when love and your passion is into it, your photo as a reality becomes a story, that “once upon a time”that made you smile.

From my experience, from I had seen, heard and read, this is How to Create Photos…

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A Guide to the Anatomy of Content

Recently, I taught a class covering social media content.  It is a dense subject and should be covered in a few sessions. Unfortunately, it would take multiple nights, 2 hours at a time, to properly cover this topic. I could see the look in their eyes of being overwhelmed, dazed and confused. Even with handouts … Continue reading A Guide to the Anatomy of Content

Learn to market your Social Media

The next class in my social media series will be learning to market your social media and build your brand. Even after creating stunning Facebook pages, or building amazing websites you need to continue marketing your brand so your clients can find your brand. In the competitive climate of small business, marketing and social media … Continue reading Learn to market your Social Media